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White discharge

White discharge
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You don’t need to panic if you are seeing white vaginal discharge. Vaginal discharge is normal and it varies during the menstruation cycle. Women can produce round a teaspoon of thin and thick odorless discharge which varies in color.

It can range between clear white to brown. The color and textures varies simultaneously with the change of hormones inside your body. (1,2,3,4)


This picture asks the question if it is normal to have white discharge before period image

Photo 1: This picture asks the question if it is normal to have white discharge before period
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These three pictures show white discharge before periods pictures

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These three pictures show white discharge before periods imagePicture Source: lng2dthf2c-flywheel.netdna-ssl.com

These three pictures show white discharge before periods photo

Photo Source: i.ytimg.com

These three pictures show white discharge before periods

Causes of white discharge

Whitish discharge that is often witness before having your periods are also called leukorrhea. It contains cells and fluids that are shed from your vagina during the luteal phase of your menstruation cycle and it is caused by peaking progesterone hormone in the body.

Discharge differs with the peaks of different hormones in your body. Dominant progesterone will make your mucus cloudy or white while in case of dominant estrogen it usually turns out to be clear, stretchy or watery. The type and amount of discharge can also be used to detect fertility.

Between ovulation and the start of the period you will see white, thick discharge coming out which is considered infertile while when your egg is released you will see thin, stretchy mucus which is fertile. As long as your discharge isn’t accompanied by itching, pain or redness it is fully normal.

Types of vaginal discharge

There are different types of vaginal discharge. They are as follows

  1. Clear and Stretchy: This indicated that you are releasing your egg which is also known as ovulation. This is fertile mucus.
  2. Clean and watery: Although this kind of discharge appears various times during your cycle, they are predominant after doing an exercise.
  3. Yellow: If the mucus as odor or it is thick and clumpy like cottage cheese, then it could indicate that you have an infection in your vagina. You should see a doctor in this case.
  4. Brown: This is normal to have right after you’re the periods. Old blood is coming out to clean the vagina.
  5. Spotting blood: If you are pregnant then you could face this kind of blood coming out. It is also normal to have it during the middle of your menstruation cycle.

Thick white discharge before having your period

It is normal to have thick white discharge before you period. They are quite common at the beginning and at the end of the cycle. The vagina produces 30 times more mucus before the ovulation process hence watery and elastic discharge is probable.

You will also see white discharge at the end of the cycle just before menstruation begins and should be of no concern if issues like itching is not involved. Odorless white discharge is perfectly normal.

When should you see a doctor

When your vaginal discharge has the following issues accompanied with it you should see a doctor

  • Pain
  • Burning sensation
  • Rash
  • Sores
  • cottage cheese or frothy textured discharge
  • strong or foul vaginal odor
  • swelling
  • redness

Sexually transmitted infections could be a reason for these kind of abnormalities associated with discharge. You need to consult a doctor if you are sexually active and witness such issues. Otherwise, they can lead to serious consequences like infertility.


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