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At, we know how careful users are when they are asked to share their
information on a virtual platform. We respect the privacy expected by internet users who
reach our website while browsing through so many other healthcare websites spread across
the Internet.
As per our Privacy Policy:
• When a visitor comes to, we ask the person to register to the
site. We keep the personal and other details provided on our website confidential.
• When a person buys our products and services, we ensure accepting the data
entered by users through small cookies rather than Chrome Plugins.
• We ensure that adequate care and caution is taken about how we put information to
use. Protecting the identity is of utmost importance to us.
• Our safe and secure firewall makes sure no external element enters the site and
hampers the privacy policy of our website.
• We allow some advertising or third-party agencies to access the website. In that
case, the organization can only collect user data using cookies and not by any other
• Though we share some minute details of the users on our website with third-party
agencies, we make sure no sensitive information goes out of our database.
Our website aims at providing relevant healthcare information to our readers-cum-
customers. We, therefore, make sure to offer the best possible information, thereby
keeping our privacy policy as a priority.

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