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Abby Sciuto’s Shocking Skincare Empire Has CBS & The NCIS Team Furious!

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Viewers were devastated when fan-favorite Abby Sciuto left the hit CBS show NCIS. The character, portrayed by actress Pauley Perrette, was beloved for many seasons of the show and fans couldn’t understand why she would no longer be a part of it. There were endless rumors that swirled around Pauley Perrette’s relationship with the execs at CBS and the crew at NCIS, but one story was more shocking than the rest…

Sources say that the character of Abby Sciuto was written off the series due to a controversial business endeavor that Pauley Perrette had taken on. It turns out Pauley was secretly working on an anti-aging skincare line that was taking her attention away from the show. Producers told her to drop the skincare line or she’d be cut from the show! Apparently Pauley chose to stick with her beauty business and as we know, CBS cut ties with her. Now we’re left wondering: Why was this skincare cream worth losing her job?

What Is the Abby Sciuto Skincare Cream?

celebrity skincare linePauley Perrette discusses Neo Hydrate Gold.

The name of Pauley’s skincare cream is Neo Hydrate Gold and she has already been sharing it with some of her friends in the entertainment industry! This all-natural cream fights the signs of aging by eliminating fine lines and wrinkles, fading dark age spots and firming sagging skin.

“I didn’t want to leave the show, but Neo Hydrate Gold means so much to me. It’s unlike any other skincare product out there. It is really going to help women look and feel their best.” – Pauley Perrette

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Although Abby Sciuto‘s appearance changed rather quickly, with her wrinkles fading away in a matter of days, the journey started a while back when she was at her celebrity dermatologist’s office.

Like many women out there, she was on a search for the next Miracle Skin Product. Being in the public eye can be quite exhausting and the stress was starting to take a toll on her appearance. Although many celebrities turn to Botox, the needles and risk of botched surgeries turned her away. Luckily, her dermatologist had just returned from a beauty conference and shared some videos with her showcasing a revolutionary new anti-aging product:

Celebrity dermatologists have been keeping this beauty secret from the public for years. They chose to keep it amongst the inner circle of high-paying customers and Hollywood actresses, but it’s finally been exposed!

“Innovations in skincare technology have lead to a new generation of beauty products, specifically Neo Hydrate Gold, which has become the top skincare cream on the market and the cheapest and most effective way to tighten your face without getting a face-lift or having Botox – Hollywood Dermatologist

Why is Abby Sciuto’s Skincare Product so Effective?

Neo Hydrate Gold contains a proprietary formula that contains two special ingredients that are vital to sustaining vibrant, youthful, and most importantly, healthy skin:

1. Collagen – Quickly reduces and tightens wrinkles

2. Elastin – Combines with your skin’s natural oils to synthesize new skin tissue

The first ingredient, Collagen, is a safe alternative to Botox that is rich in natural antioxidants like Argireline – a peptide that mimics skin’s protein synthesis and has been labeled a breakthrough in cosmetic technology. Collagan slows down the natural rate of skin decay and reverses any existing cell damage.

Ivy league dermatologists have been raving over the effects of collagen after a recent clinical trial that discovered that women above the age of 28 who were treated with collagen saw a 85% reduction in wrinkles and fine lines on their face!

The second vital component, Elastin, instinctively binds to moisture. Elastin molecules can hold more than 1000 times their own weight in water, making it the perfect compliment to collagen. Once Neo Hydrate Gold is rubbed onto your face, it’s immediately absorbed by your skin. Then the elastin molecules push the old skin cells out of your epidermis, rejuvenating the problem areas around your eyes, neck, and mouth and completely rebuilding skin cells in areas that are prone to wrinkles.


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Neo Hydrate Gold‘s cutting-edge ingredients have been clinically proven to:

    1. Remove age spots by more than 150%
    2. Exfoliate harmful toxins from your pores
    3. Fade wrinkles and fine lines overnight
    4. Regenerate damaged skin from aging, dryness, sun exposure and other environmental stresses

Celebrities Love Hollywood’s Newest Wrinkle Remover!

It’s groundbreaking what this beauty cream is able to do. Neo Hydrate Gold is the only company in the world that can reduce wrinkles in a safe, all-natural manner. – Julia Roberts

I have such a busy schedule, I really don’t have the time for an intricate beauty routine. That’s why I use Neo Hydrate Gold. Just a few minutes a day keeps my skin tight and healthy! – Oprah Winfrey

There’s always a younger talented actress around the corner so it’s important to look your best in this industry. I use Neo Hydrate Gold as a preventative measure and I couldn’t be more happy with how radiant my skin is! – Reese Witherspoon

I’ve tried a countless number of products that didn’t work and it was exhausting and depressing to age in front of the entire world. Thankfully I found Neo Hydrate Gold and I’m addicted. It’s really done a great job of removing the lines around my eyes and mouth. Portia loves it too! – Ellen Degeneres

We Put the Beauty Product to the Test!

With so many beauty product scams on the internet all claiming to be the next greatest wrinkle remover, our editor asked someone from our team to volunteer to be the guinea pig and test out Neo Hydrate Gold. Staff writer Jessica jumped at the chance. She had a rough year to say the least and the stress had taken a toll on her appearance.

Jessica took notes throughout the week-long anti aging process and provided us with this summary of her findings:


DAY 1:

I felt an instant improvement in my skin when I started using Neo Hydrate Gold. My skin felt so much smoother and tighter.

When I applied the product, I felt a tingling sensation on my skin. I noticed my problem areas – around the eyes, my smile lines – turned a little pink because the blood was rushing to the skin!

After the serum had fully absorbed into my skin, my face was absolutely glowing!

DAY 5:

After five days of using Neo Hydrate Gold, I had such significant changes. I was amazed!

My crows feet, fine lines and dark age spots were nearly diminished!

I was in awe of how I looked. My friends and family kept saying I looked 10 years younger! It was like all signs of aging had just disappeared from my face!

DAY 14:

After just two weeks using Neo Hydrate Gold, I was a believer. My skin had never looked so good in my life!

I had tried so many anti-aging products before this. Nothing worked – even the pricey ones! Neo Hydrate Gold completely eliminated my fine lines and wrinkles. It faded my dark age spots and firmed my sagging skin.

My friends and family were totally shocked by my appearance. I had the youthful glow of someone in their 20’s! I still can’t believe how great I look and I am so grateful for this product.

Will Neo Hydrate Gold work for you? Yes! Go Ahead and Try it For Free!

Neo Hydrate Gold was able to eliminate nearly 99.5% of Jessica’s fine lines and wrinkles. It faded her dark age spots and firmed her sagging skin. It even removed her pesky crow’s feet!

There are so many anti-aging products marketed to women, but most of them just don’t work. The few options that get the job done are crazy expensive and most women cannot afford them. With so many products on the market, it’s understandable to be skeptical. We don’t want to encourage you to use just any skincare product. Instead, you can try a product that even doctors are recommending to their friends and family!IMPORTANT: *All clinical trials were conducted using both Step 1 and Step 2, so it is essential to use the products at the same time for optimal results.




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