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Pain Under Left Rib Cage

Pain Under Left Rib Cage
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The body framework around the chest is known as rib cage. Either left or right, pain under the rib cage is common among people. The type of pain can be the outcome of a severe problem or other disorder caused in the cage which needs to be diagnosed at earliest. However, pain under the left rib cage generally signifies problem-related to the spleen, since spleen sits under the rib cage. But this is not always necessary. It may have happened due to some other odd reasons as well.

Pain Under Left Rib Cage Causes


When the stomach produces excess acid, it tends to make its way back to the esophagus, therefore causing heartburn. Heartburn is also known as acid reflux. Due to the acid, the person experiences sharp cramps that seems to come from the heart. This is generally experienced after having spicy or highly acidic food. It also creates a bloating sensation. The acidity level increases the pain through the ribs giving current sort of strokes through the heart. Confusing it to be similar to heart attack.

Spleen damage

The spleen is present inside the rib cage, hanging on the uppermost part of the abdomen. Its main function is to filter RBC (red blood cells). The ruptured or enlarged spleen causes tremendous pain. However enlarged spleen not always results in pain, it generally makes one feel fatigue or anemia. Whereas, a ruptured spleen is way more painful, as it causes sudden pain strokes under the upper left rib cage. It also leads to bruising of the skin. Spleen seems to get ruptured when the enlargement stage is crossed untreated. During a rib injury, the spleen has the highest possibility of getting ruptured due to its placement. A ruptured spleen causes intense pain.

Broken rib

The rib bones get damaged easily during any accident or injury. Damaged ribs cause intense pain in the area, especially during any movement or bending of the body and also while breathing. Sometimes the rib cage gets detached from the chest wall, this situation is known as flail chest. This causes chronic pain and problem in breathing. This arises the need of a medical emergency.

Stomach ulcers

The sores or ulcers generally develops in the small intestine due to excess release of stomach acid, continuous use of NSAID or from infection due to bacteria. This causes pale pain inside the rib cage and results to gastritis, vomiting tendency, nausea, weight loss, etc. Sometimes it causes chronic pain and leads to bleeding in the digestive tracts.

Lung problems

Problems such as fluid buildup, infections, or a puncture in the lungs also cause pain in the rib cage. The pain tends to worsen the condition of the patient while coughing and breathing. It sometimes affects the functions of the lungs demanding strict medical emergency.


Cigarette smoking causes the bronchi inflammation leading to infections.


This is a situation where the cartilages are infected and holds up the ribs to the breastbone. This state usually gives a mere feeling of a heart attack. Even a simple movement causes chronic pain.

Kidney Stone

Kidney stones are very painful when they migrate their way through the urinal passage. This causes unbearable pain in the left or the right ribs according to the placement of stone in the kidney (left or right).

Irritable Bowel Syndrome

This causes indigestion problems resulting in chronic pain in the rib cage along with intestinal cramps, constipation, diarrhea etc.

Heart attack

The heart is located under the left rib. The pain may lead to heart attack. Shortness of breath, squeezing chest pains etc. causes a heart attack. The symptoms of heart attack are more gradual.


The pain is caused due to inflammation of the pancreas. The situation gets worse when the patient eats or drink, which results in an unbearable pain through the rib cage.

Gas in the colon area

Sometimes excessive gas seems to get stuck in the colon. This causes pain in the uppermost portion of the left side of the abdomen through the left side of the rib cage. It sometimes develops farting tendency. One should fart and let the gas out to reduce the pain in the rib cage.

Pain Under Left Rib Cage Treatment

Since all the above symptoms and causes are different, therefore they demand individual attention or treatment approaches. In order to avoid such or any type of ailments, one should never neglect the signs of a body. However, there are certain ways in which the problem of pain under the left rib cage can be solved depending upon the condition one is suffering from.


To lessen the pain, doctors prescribe certain medicines depending on the condition of the patient. Timely medication is highly necessary to reduce the pain and prevent the chronic condition.

Consume healthy meals

Medication should be followed by a healthy diet. Overeating generally causes incredible pain. Sometimes we should keep a track of our daily eats. Eating healthy and maintaining a proper food diet is necessary for our body to survive under any odds and fight with body disorders. The body will experience a good amount of energy and positivity from healthy foods resulting inactiveness of mind and the whole system.


The doctor recommends surgery to avoid facing the worst condition. For example, by-pass surgery of heart is required to improve the functioning of the heart, by improving the functioning of the heart and the activities associated with the organ. And sometimes the removal of a kidney stone from the urinal passage is also exercised through surgery in order to get the calcium deposit out. This requires surgery depending on the size of the deposit. If the size is a minimum of the standard, it can be treated via medications. Otherwise, a surgery is must to take out the deposit which extends the standard size. The surgery tends to resolve the unbearable pain.

These were a few approaches which may benefit the patient. Sometimes, a few painful situations may not be a serious one but there are some which strictly demands immediate medical actions. To avoid such circumstances, a medical checkup is a must.

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