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MPV Blood Test

MPV Blood Test
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What is MPV for a blood test?

MPV in blood test refers to the size of platelet that is used as an identifying unit of platelet functionality. The MPV blood test is conducted in a regular blood test and is practiced in an inexpensive and hassle-free process(8).

The platelets larger in size are more granulated and aggregated sort that can react more instantly with collagen because of the presence of higher thromboxane A2 level as well as articulation with more volume of glycoprotein lb/llla and llb receptors as compared to smaller platelets.

Both the substances discharges have a crucial role in the swelling, thrombosis, blood coagulation, and atherosclerosis.

What does mpv mean in a blood test?

The image talks about MPV structure MPV Blood Test pictures

Image 1: The image talks about MPV structure

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The mpv on a blood test is used to provide detailed information on the Mean Platelet Volume. The estimate of these platelets is a part of the CBC or complete blood count blood test(8).

Besides getting details about the mpv on a blood test you can also avail information about the WBC and RBC in a single test report.

What is mpv on blood test on normal range means?

The mpv blood test normal range is the normal value of MPV that must be present in a healthy person. The normal value of mpv blood test range is 7.2 – 11.8 fL in adults. There might be few changes depending on the clinical laboratory test results. It is because each laboratory uses different machines or method for testing. For this reason, the mpv blood test results may vary(6).

What is an mpv blood test used for?

The mpv blood test meaning is of great importance as it is used to aid diagnosis or monitoring a range of blood-related conditions. Usually, the mpv levels in blood test are accompanied with another test of platelet count measuring the total numbers of platelet you have(2).

What is an mpv in blood test important and needed?

Your healthcare expert may recommend you for an mpv blood test to know the actual mpv range in your body. This test is performed as a part of the complete blood count or CBC that measures the distinct components of the blood, including platelets(9).

The CBC test is performed as a routine examination. Besides this, you may be asked for mpv in a blood test if you experience some problems, such as:

  • Nosebleeds
  • Prolonged bleeding after a small injury or cut
  • Existence of purplish spots on the skin
  • Unidentified bruising
  • Appearance of small red spots on the skin

What is an mpv blood test process?

The image shows MPV test process MPV Blood Test photos

Image: The image shows MPV test process

Image bSource: www.wisegeek.com

During the test process, a health care expert will take your blood sample from our arm’s veins with the help of a needle. Once the needle is inserted, a small volume of blood will be gathered into a test tube. You might experience slight stinging when the needle is inserted. This may take no more than two minutes to complete the process(4).

What does mpv in blood test results mean?

The blood tests mpv show how large the platelets are. The aim of measuring the platelets size is to determine whether there is any trouble with the platelet production in bone marrow. So, if you want to know what is the mpv blood test then you must know that it will help your doctor determine what is wrong with the platelets(8).

If the mpv reveals too low results, then this can be an early indicator of bone marrow cancer such as leukemia. Besides this low mpv blood test results can be accompanied with other life-threatening ailments that can lead to severe consequences within the body, such thrombocytopenia, which is a situation where there is excessive bleeding even during a small cut or injury.

What does it mean to have high mean platelet volume?

So, if you want to know what does high mpv mean in a blood test mean then the answer is simple. The primary function of platelets is to aid blood coagulation and lead to atherosclerotic plaques, which is the generation of major etiology of atherothrombosis(12).

High mpv blood test results explained

The blood test results mpv high show that the thrombus is hyperactive big sized platelets and result in progression of acute coronary ailment(12).

The mpv blood test high range is an indicator of acute myocardial infraction as the activity and size of the platelets are identified with MPV. It is also possible to avail high mpv blood test results in a condition of acute ischemic cardiovascular ailment.

In some cases, the high mpv blood test could be due to Bernard Soulier syndrome, which is a hereditary bleeding disorder where the platelets are quite large preventing blood to clot properly and hence results in excessive bleeding. This syndrome occurs due to transmission of similar genes in children from parents. The symptoms of this syndrome emerge in childhood itself and a person tends to experience excessive bleeding, nosebleeds, bruising, and bleeding gums.

There are various disorders associated with high mpv blood test hence it becomes essential that you must consult your doctor if you experience such symptoms or have a high mpv in a blood test.

What is low mpv in a blood test?

A mpv low blood test result refers that the blood count is lower than the normal range. This can be due to various disorders, injuries, diseases, drug reactions, and even due to hormonal changes in the body. A blood test mpv low increases the risk of experiencing serious blood loss if a person gets injured(10).

Low mpv blood test is usually witnesses in the early days of the menstrual cycle of the women or in newborns. Even when the blood samples are collected, then blood test low mpv is identified. This is because of blood clotting before testing the sample.
There are numerous conclusive tests done when a person is identified with blood test results mpv low readings. The following situations can be the primary causes of low mpv blood test.

Causes of low mpv blood test

  • The low mpv blood test can occur due to occurrence of one or more disorders or ailments(10).
  • Viral infections experienced along with AIDS are one of the most common causes of mpv blood test low.
  • There are also few drugs that can lead low mpv normal platelet count, such as heparin.
  • If you have an over-active spleen, then also you can expect mpv blood test low.
  • Disorders like aplastic anemia that interferes with the platelet production of the blood and thrombocytopenia in specific is a deficiency of platelets in the blood. This can result in excessive bleeding.
  • You may experience this situation due to autoimmune disorders, like rheumatoid arthritis or leukemia.
  • Hemolytic disorders such as anemia can also lead to this situation.
  • Genetic disorders like lupus can result in a low count of mpv in a blood test.

Symptoms of Low mpv in Blood Test

There are numerous symptoms that people with low MPV may experience before they go to a doctor for an mpv blood test.

Some of the common symptoms are bleeding from mouth or nose, long menstrual cycles, bleeding in anal, inability to stop the bleeding from a small wound or cut.

Treating the low mpv counts is not an easy task as there are various underlying causes behind it. For such reasons, if you experience it then it is of utmost importance that you visit your doctor and strictly follow the prescribed treatment(10).

If you are having such a condition due to an autoimmune disorder, then your doctor will suggest you with the drug for suppressing the immune system. If you are experiencing low count of mpv due to prescribed drug, then your doctor may switch to another medicine.

If patients with low mpv count experienced excessive bleeding, then they need to go through the platelet transfusion treatment.

CBC Blood Test MPV High Meaning

The blood test mpv is performed as a part of the CBC test. The CBC test is performed to tell your doctor about your overall health status and measures the following aspects:

  • White Blood Cells
  • Red Blood Cells
  • Hbg or Hb
  • Hct or Hematocrit
  • MCV or Mean Corpuscular Volume
  • MPV or Mean Platelet Volume(2)

What causes large blood platelets?

Large blood platelets are also known as giant platelet or elevated mpv blood test high causes is used to describe platelets that are abnormally large, that is they are as large as the normal blood cells. The blood test mpv high are identified in certain disorders like immune thrombocytopenic purpura or ITP or in rare inherited disorders like Bernard Soulier ailment(2).

What does it mean to have clumped platelets?

If your platelets are identified as large then it is essential to carry further testing to know that whether the platelets are really giant or have clumped together during the testing process. If platelets are identified as clumped then repeat testing is required using a distinct collection tube comprising a distinct anticoagulant preventing or minimizing platelet clumping(4).

What does PDW Blood Test Mean?

PDW is the abbreviated form of platelet distribution width that measures the uniformity of platelet in size. It is vital to determine the functions of the bone marrow. Usually, younger platelets are bigger in size(9).

Smaller size platelets are in existence for numerous days. If the number of big platelets is high in patients with a low platelet count then this indicates that the bone marrow is now generating sufficient numbers of the platelet.

The PDW or Platelet Distribution Width is the part of CBC or Complete Blood Count. The doctor will carry a thorough check of PDW if the patient is experiencing from unexplained bruising and high bleeding from small cuts and wounds. Also, it is checked in patients with numerous episodes of nose bleeding. Purplish rashes and spots are also the causes for PDW monitoring.

What does MPV Blood Test High Cancer Occur?

When the MPV count is high in blood test then this reveals that the bone marrow is actively generating a large number of platelets. This means that the high numbers of platelets are being used by some abnormal process in our body. One such use of elevated MPV is due to blood cancers like leukemia(3).


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