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Lip Biting (Anxiety Disorder)

Lip Biting (Anxiety Disorder)
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Lip Biting – Anxiety Disorder

Lip Biting condition is a rare habit that one acquires in order to relieve anxiety or stress. This has been noted as a kind of obsessive compulsive disorder that is presented by the impulsive biting of the lips along with biting of the insides of the cheeks. Lip biting is already considered as a long-term or chronic disorder that makes a person worry. This condition is not in the purpose of harming one’s own lips, but this somehow occurs. There are many times that a person is unaware that this is a problem. This is due to the fact that injury has not been implored. The said disorder surfaces are due to unrelieved stress and feelings of worry.

Lip Biting Symptoms

As usual, those suffering from such condition shall have more damage on the upper lip. This would include lip licking while biting comes afterward. As a person is suffering from lip biting, as an anxiety disorder, the following are manifested:

  1. Lip soreness
  2. Lip peeling because of dryness
  3. Inflamed lips with bleeding tendencies as the habit becomes uncontrolled
  4. Scarring is a possibility as this has become chronic and truly damaging to the lips

Lip Biting Causes

There are four specific causes of lip biting. This has been observed and collected by experts. Here are the following causes of lip biting:

  1. Malocclusion. This is condition that literally means bad bite (biting). This state is also related with teeth misalignment. There has been a study going on by orthodontics in order to correct such problem.
  2. TMJ syndrome. This means Temporo mandibular joint syndrome. This is a disorder that involves the jaw joint that would predispose a person to have this bad habit.
  3. Medication. There are certain medications that provide side effects which induce lip biting. Those sufferers from such condition are advised to wear orthodontic lip bumper that is necessary in avoiding such bad habit.
  4. Stress and anxiety. This is noted as the common cause for such condition. Lip biting is a rare condition but becomes a bad habit to some as one compensates for the stress and anxiety that he or she is currently feeling. This has also been an unconscious problem to some, while others are quite aware of the problem. This is truly considered a problem when it has become a compulsive habit of the affected.

How To Stop Biting Lips

This has been a condition that is quite difficult to handle and treat with. This is due to the fact that identification of the condition may even be impossible for others tend to be unconscious of such problem. In order to avoid placing a severe state on the lips the following are advised:

  1. Consult the dentist. The dentist may recommend use of soft splints placed on the teeth when one is about to go to sleep. This is a preventive measure in order to avoid further damage on the lips.
  2. Use of splints. This is another tool that can prevent further injury onto the lips.
  3. Provide lip moisturizers for the affected may have dry lips from the bad habit.
  4. Consulting a psychiatrist is necessary especially when the condition is identified and has become a problem. Anti-anxiety medications may be provided to the client.
  5. Avoid having too much stress. This may not be avoided by may be minimized by applying anxiety-relieving practices. Asking for assistance with this matter from a professional should be taken in consideration.
  6. One should be conscious of the current problem. One should firstly recognize that this is a bad habit and should break from it. One can help himself by trying to convince oneself that this is a problem.
  7. Have methods that can distract one from biting his or her lips. This can be done by chewing gum. This cannot be a long term intervention but can somehow help and assist the affected especially when one is experiencing some feelings of anxiety.
  8. Thought Field Therapy. This is also found similar with the technique of the Chinese, which is acupuncture. This can help weaken one’s neural pathways which help the mind take control and relax from stress and anxiety attacks.
  9. Hypnotherapy. This is reported to be somehow helpful in the treatment of lip biting habit. This can provide relaxation and relieves ones stress.

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