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Eye twitching

Eye twitching
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Why does my eye twitch ?

Eye twitching is a phenomenon when your eyes jump and you have no control over it. According to medical science reasons like stress, tiredness, eye strain or allergies can cause this but several superstitions are associated with this health condition in our cultures.

Eye twitching is also called myokymia and there are different superstition associated with twitch of either eye. These superstitions vary with cultures and countries. In India, we have our own versions of superstitions.

This image depicts that there are various Superstitions related to twitching of the eyes pictures

Photo 1: This image depicts that there are various Superstitions related to twitching of the eyes
Image Source: carenician.com

This is an image that shows the twitching of the right eye photo

Image 2: This is an image that shows the twitching of the right eye
Picture Source: www.healtreatcure.org



Photo 3: This is an image that shows the twitching of the left eye
Image Source: www.healtreatcure.org

What does it mean when our right eye twitches

In most cultures twitching of the right eye brings good luck and it is a signal of good omen. However others believe that it is the harbinger of bad luck and misery. According to old Chinese saying, twitching of the right eye is good for women as it signifies incoming money whereas for men it brings misfortune. In India it is believed that it brings good news.

There are certain superstitions associated with part of the eye that twitches. The middle part of the twitching indicates monetary gains whereas twitching of the left eyelid is considered impending bad luck. Twitching of the left pupil means good luck but if the lower portion of the left eye twitches that means you will have to spend money unnecessarily.

Africans believe that if the upper part of your eye twitches, it means you will meet a loved one soon but in case of the part, you will shed tears. It is also said that it signifies that someone is saying positive things about you behind your back. People from Hawaii also have their own versions of superstitions related to this.

According to them, twitching of the left eye indicates that a stranger is going to visit you soon. However, if someone in the family constantly twitches his left eye then it can cause grave outcomes like death of a family member. But if the same happens with the right eye then it signifies that a new child is going to be born in the family.

Superstitions are often met with a certain degree of skepticism. Rational minds don’t tend to believe them easily. But there is always a doubt that what if they are true.

What does it mean when our left eye twitches

Similar superstitions are associated with twitching of our left eye too. It varies slightly with the right eye in terms of gender. In case of women, twitching of left eye is considered a very good sign generally in most cultures.

If it is twitching continuously for days then it signifies impending marriage of the girl. In case of men, the results are not so positive. In this case, luck runs out and affects the person in short term. In some parts of Africa, it is believed that twitching of the lower portion of your left eye can mean that you will be shedding tear in the near future.

In most cultures it is believed that if your left eye twitches you will hear bad news. Sometimes it also means someone is speaking bad things about you behind your back. The versions change with culture. In Trinidad it is believed that if your left eye twitches one of your loved ones or a friend might be in trouble.

What does it mean if both eyes twitch together

This is same for both men and women. It is believed that if both of your eyes are twitching simultaneously then it means you are going to meet a friend soon. The friend or loved one will bring good news with him to you. Good luck will follow you. Hence, this definitely brings good results to the native.

Medical reasons eye twitching

Medical science gives several reasons for this physical condition. They are as follows

  • Stress: Stress can be one of the most prominent reasons of the eye twitching. If you are constantly under pressure from work you become stressed. If you are under severe stress for days, it can negatively affect the nervous system and cause eye twitching. But this is a temporary occurrence.
  • Eye Strain: In the digital age we spend most of our time in front of digital screens. The rays of the screens damage our eyes if we don’t take enough rest. Our eyes get tired over time and can cause twitching. Sometimes people wear glasses with wrong power to type on the keyboard which leads to eye twitching.
  • Fatigue: During our hectic life most of us do not get enough rest. Some of us sleep less than eight hours which is necessary for an adult. Constant lack of sleep can cause your nerves to be overworked which causes eye twitch.
  • Dry eyes: It is very common in elderly people where eye twitch works as a defense mechanism to let you know that your eyes are lacking moisture and it is time to sleep. People who wear contact lenses are also found to be having this issue.
  • Vitamin Deficiency: lack of Vitamin B12 and Vitamin D can be a major reason of this condition. Vitamin D ensures absorption of calcium which in turn ensures that all muscles contract in the right way. Lack of Vitamin D can cause this. Similarly Vitamin B12 can be the reason of permanent damage to your nerves which lead to eye twitch.

How to stop eyes from twitching

There are ways to stop the twitching when it occurs. They are as follows

  • Relax your eyes: When you face this, try to relax your eyes. Close your eyes for more than ten minutes. Cover your eyes with cucumber and potatoes to give your eyes the rest they need. If you are in front of computer screens for many hours due to professional reasons, try taking a break every fifteen minutes.
  • Maintain balanced diet: Deficiency of Magnesium, Calcium, Vitamin B 12 and Vitamin D can cause the phenomenon in your eyes hence it is vital to check and maintain a proper nutritious diet. Add lot of vegetables to your diet. Consume cod liver oil, fish, oysters and dairy products to increase the Vitamin D intake. Try not to drink alcohol.
  • Get enough sleep: Sleeping eight hours a day is very important. Your immunity system and overall health will be under severe stress if you fail to do so. Try to avoid jobs that require you to be active at night.


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