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Conor McGregor Takes Hiatus Over Banned Supplements!

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Conor McGregor is one of the biggest stars in MMA, but rumor has it he’s taking a hiatus from the sport! Fans were devastated to hear this news and no one could understand why he would leave at the height of his career. There have been tons of rumors surrounding his departure, but it turns out only one of them has any truth to it…

Sources say that Conor is upset with the UFC for banning a supplement he has been using. Since Conor is their biggest money-maker, he’s protesting the ban by refusing to participate in any upcoming fights until the ban is lifted! All of this controversy made us want to find out more about these supplements and why Conor is so passionate about them. Read on to see what we learned!

What Are the Conor McGregor Supplements?

ufc supplementsConor McGregor discusses Andro Stack X.

The supplements that the UFC has banned are called Andro Stack X and it looks like Conor McGregor isn’t the only fighter upset about it. Several others have been using these innovative supplements to build lean muscle mass, burn fat rapidly and even increase their energy levels! These all-natural supplements have even been called a “miracle pill.” No wonder Conor is upset they’ve been banned!

“Banning Andro Stack X makes no sense. It’s completely natural and it’s legal to use in every state. We use it to boost our energy levels and stay in perfect shape.” – Conor McGregor


Everything You Need To Know About the Conor McGregor Muscle Supplements

Men everywhere have been waiting for a groundbreaking muscle supplement that would actually deliver on its promises and it looks like that product is finally here! Andro Stack X is an unbelievable scientific breakthrough that can rapidly burn fat, increase stamina and help men pack on lean muscle mass!

Everyone from A-list actors to professional athletes are raving about this new technology. It was specifically designed to help men pack on lean muscle mass and get in the best shape of their lives! Developed by established fitness experts, Andro Stack X is the new “magic supplement” in the muscle-building industry and we just had to get all the details on it. Our research team did some major digging and uncovered all the exclusive info on these innovative new muscle supplements!

Andro Stack X is clinically proven to:

  • Increase Energy Levels
  • Pack On Lean Muscle Mass
  • Rapidly Burn Fat
  • Boost Libido
  • Speed-Up Metabolism
  • Provide Various Antioxidants
  • Rid the Body Of Toxins

Andro Stack X contains the perfect blend of these beneficial, muscle-building ingredients:

muscle buildingL-ARGININE

L-arginine is an amino-acid that acts as a hemodilator, promoting cardiovascular health by preventing certain cardiovascular conditions. It also improves vasodilation and boosts nitric oxide in the body.


Milk thistle is one of nature’s most potent antioxidants. It can block toxins from reaching cells in the liver as well as increase the lifespan of cells throughout the body.

muscle buildingCOLEUS FORSKOHLII

Coleus forskohlii contains diterpenoids that facilitate weight loss. Research shows that it helps to burn fat tissue rapidly and also acts as a sleep aid by relaxing the body.


Eurycoma longifolia is one of Asia’s best-kept secrets for boosting libido and increasing stamina. It is also known for increasing sperm production and improving erections.

Andro Stack X Is the “New Steroid Alternative” – Studies Show It Increases Muscle Growth by 900% vs. Placebo

The recent advances in the muscle-building industry have led to the groundbreaking formula behind Andro Stack X. The fitness experts who helped develop this formula have found a way to put a whole day’s worth of nutrients into one pill as well as replicate human growth factors. These supplements synthesize muscle growth in a more rapid manner than any other muscle supplements on the market! This is why celebs and pro-athletes are using Andro Stack X to bulk up for movie roles or big games. With billions of dollars on the line, it’s important to have a supplement that you can rely on, which makes Andro Stack X the #1 choice for high-profile actors and athletes.

Andro Stack X Can Help You Get Ripped Like Your Favorite Celebs!

dwayne johnson muscleDwayne Johnson in Pain and Gain

wolverine muscleHugh Jackman in Wolverine

southpaw dietJake Gyllenhaal in Southpaw

Henry Cavill in Man of Steel

We understand that some people have reserves about using a supplement to build muscle. It should be reassuring to know that ESPN’s Sport Science conducted their own trial of Andro Stack X and found that users with no prior weightlifting experience were able to increase muscle mass by 600% in just 6 weeks! In addition to an increase in muscle mass, the subjects in this study lost an average of 10 pounds using Andro Stack X!

muscle buildingStudies show that Andro Stack X can help men increase muscle mass by 600% in just six weeks!

Obviously there are endless scams out there when it comes to muscle-building supplements. So many products promise great results and deliver nothing. Sometimes the best way to know if a product really works is to try it yourself. This is why we enlisted our very own reporter, Max, to try out Andro Stack X and share his results with the world! Max used Andro Stack X for four weeks and kept a journal documenting his results. Check it out below!

Max’s 4-Week Trial Of Andro Stack X

Week 1: My trial bottle of Andro Stack X arrived within a few days of placing my order. I couldn’t wait to start taking it, so I followed the dosage instructions and had one pill with my breakfast that morning. Within the first hour, I already felt different. I had all of this energy and I wasn’t craving my usual mid-morning snack! Before going to bed, I went ahead and did 65 push-ups. Getting up the next morning, I wasn’t even sore! I did 100 more push-ups and was full of energy to start my day.

Week 3: Three weeks into my trial of Andro Stack X, I had gained 12 pounds of lean muscle! I continued to lose fat and gain muscle mass, and everyone was asking me how often I was working out. They couldn’t believe the answer was, “not at all!”

Week 4: At the end of my Andro Stack X trial, I had gained over 20 pounds of lean muscle and was in the best shape I had been in at any point in my life! My wife couldn’t believe that I looked this way without hitting the gym one single time! I’ve never felt this good and I am so grateful I tried this product!

muscle building pillsMax gained over 20 pounds of lean muscle with Andro Stack X!

Should You Try the Conor McGregor Muscle Supplements?

If you want to drop fat rapidly and build lean muscle, you need to try Andro Stack X for yourself! You could finally get the body of your dreams with no crazy diet or exercise routine!

The manufacturers of Andro Stack X are currently offering a free trial for first-time customers. You can try these groundbreaking muscle supplements for just the low cost of shipping and handling. This offer won’t last long, so act now if you want to bulk up and get in the best shape of your life!

IMPORTANT: *All clinical trials were conducted using both Step 1 and Step 2, so it is essential to use the products at the same time for optimal results.




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