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Bartonella Rash

Bartonella Rash
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Bartonella rash in humans occurs due to a chain of diseases. Before proceeding with the details about this, it is important to mention that even domestic and wild animals can also get infected by it, for instance – cats.

Bartonella rash has been named after the Gram – negative bacteria Bartonella which is the single one in its family Bartonellaceae. They live inside the lining of the blood vessels. Diseases that can cause Bartonella rash spread through flies, mosquitoes, sand flies, ticks and others. Contaminated bites or scratches from animals can as well cause these rashes. The latest observation in this field also proved that Bartonella can also pass on from a mother to her unborn baby during the gestation period.

Bartonella Rash Causes

Particularly there are some of the diseases that lead to the visibility of the rashes, such as – Cat scratch disease, Carrion’s disease, Trench Fever, Endocarditis, and CSD.

Symptoms of Bartonella Rash

Initially the rashes aren’t that severe; however if not treated soon or taken care of it can spread throughout the body and cause great discomfort. Added to that it should also be informed beforehand that this is a self – limiting disease. Jotted down below are some of the obvious signs through which a person can identify its possibility –

  • If you are continuously maintaining a poor diet without proper nutrients.
  • Suffering from high fever.
  • Having an unbearable headache.
  • Rashes that are streaked, i.e. forming irregular lines from left.
  • Weariness or exhaustion.
  • Enlargement of lymph nodes.
  • Glands around arm, neck and head swell.
  • Sometimes, swollen throat is also seen in some cases.

Some other symptoms that might be seen

  • People suffering from this often also undergo relapses, as the bacteria mixes with the blood.
  • The vision becomes blurry or extremely unclear and gradually conjunctivitis occurs.
  • Suddenly one or more than one body parts feel unusually numb.
  • Significant loss of memory.
  • The problem in maintaining proper balance.
  • Severe headaches.
  • Troubles related to unsteady gait.
  • Frequent tremors have also been noticed.
  • Quite uncommon symptoms include pain in the soles of the feet after waking up in the morning.

Actually, the symptoms primarily depend upon the factors acting behind it as well as the severity of the condition. It has also been observed that people with neurological disorders or symptoms are more likely to have suffered from this disease at least once.

How does Bartonella Rash look like?

Bartonella rashes can be really confusing, especially to a person who never had them before. These rashes, in some, look like stretch marks during pregnancy. In some, the rashes are like red spots. Basically, these rashes have got varieties. Many a times they develop into erythematous papules – these are the type where the marks look either like red splotches or reddish spots. However, one thing is certain that whenever you scratch or rub them they look reddish and brighter. Also, after a shower (more when it’s a warm bath) they appear more prominently than ever. Generally, the upper part of the body is affected, but that doesn’t refer that the limbs are protected from its effects. The mucous membrane or skin is also attacked by this rare kind of infection.

How long does Bartonella Rash last?

Although for various diseases, there is a specific incubation period or a particular time after the onset of the infection when the signs start showing. In most of the cases, there are maximum chances of complete recovery along with no adverse or post effects. But the thing about Bartonella is that – the rashes might appear long after the infection has actually begun. Or in some cases, even after the healing or cure of the infection the rashes stay for long and takes the time to finally disappear.

Complications related to Bartonella Rash

Patients with this kind of symptoms often suffer from the variety of dental problems where the procedure of root canal becomes extremely necessary. There are also reports of transient toothaches. Breathlessness, palpitation and in some cases chest pain are also noticed. In major cases, heart valves also get damaged.

Bartonella Rash Diagnosis

When one or multiple symptoms begin to appear, it is probably time to consult a doctor and ask for his advice. Indirect Fluorescence Assay test is carried out to detect the level of antibodies that have been produced by your body to fight the bacterial growth. However, this process in neither very effective nor beneficial since the antibodies is too low to be properly detected. In case you have acquired the disease genetically, therefore a PCR test is carried out to search for Bartonella DNA in the bloodstream.

Bartonella Rash Treatment

Normally, the doctors try out with antibiotics. If a patient is responding well with the mere dosage of antibiotics then he/she is spared from other long term or complicated solutions. Intake of medicines such as Doxycycline or Rifampin for 2-4 weeks starts showing signs of curing. One big drawback is – the rashes relapse and therefore even when it stops occurring for a considerable amount of time and you are satisfied that they wouldn’t come back – they probably might and that too in places where the antibiotics are non-responsive.

Natural solution

Avoid food products that have been processed and kept in storage for a long time, petrochemicals, toxins, stress of modern lifestyle etc. Adhering to any of these harms your immune system due to which your body becomes weak enough to fight for these conditions. Natural herbal therapy, proper diet, healthy lifestyle etc reduce the inflammation and slowly helps to bring you back to normal and regular life. Besides it also suppresses the possibility of reappearance.

One important thing to keep in mind is that only apparent treatment of the rashes would not be enough for reducing the effect of Bartonella. And there would always remain chances of its revival. Therefore, what is more, necessary is to find out the source of the infection and to eradicate it.

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