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Student from Cornell University Cuts 27lbs On University Budget!

(CNN News) – Cornell University student, Amanda Haughman, was working on a research paper for her Masters degree in Biology when she made an amazing discovery that would change her life! While browsing through research studies on natural weight loss methods, she came across some information on a weight loss supplement that promised to help anyone lose weight rapidly. Amanda herself had been struggling with her weight for years. She had tried everything from trendy diets to crazy exercise routines, but nothing seemed to work. As she read about this groundbreaking supplement, she started to wonder if it could help her finally get in good shape.

Amanda had been given funds to complete her research project, so she decided to incorporate these weight loss supplements into her project and order a bottle with the University’s money! In just a few weeks, Amanda would realize that she had made the best decision of her life. In only one month, these incredible pills helped her to lose 27 pounds! Amanda’s story has been shocking people everywhere and she was even featured on CNN to share more info on the innovative weight loss pills she had discovered. Read on to find out what Amanda told us about this all-natural weight loss solution…

Did Amanda Haughman Use Weight Loss Pills?

natural weight loss pillsPeople everywhere are using PureFit Keto to lose weight!

The weight loss pills that Amanda used are called PureFit Keto and it turns out they’re very popular in Hollywood! Celebs have been using them to get in better shape for movie roles or big appearances because these all-natural pills can boost metabolism, suppress appetite and increase energy levels!

PureFit Keto has been so life-changing for me. I had some bad eating habits and put on some weight over the last few years. This supplement helped me lose the extra weight faster than expected, and I’ve had way more energy. I highly recommend this to anyone who wants to get in better shape and lose some fat.” – Amanda Haughman

What Are the Amanda Haughman Weight Loss Pills?

Britney Spears Weight LossPureFit Keto Helped Amanda Haughman Lose Weight Without Diet or Exercise!

Since Amanda is a friend of our editor’s, we were fortunate enough to sit down with her for an interview to find out how she lost so much weight in a short period of time using PureFit Keto.

Q: Is PureFit Keto expensive like most dietary supplements?

Amanda: Not at all! That’s the reason I tried it in the first place. Its all-natural ingredients allow the manufacturers to keep the cost very low. They believe in their product so much that they offered me a free trial so I only had to pay $5 for shipping.

Q: Did you change your diet or start working out at all when you started taking PureFit Keto?

Amanda: To be perfectly honest, I’ve never been a big fan of going to the gym, and I’m constantly traveling so it’s very difficult to stick to a rigid diet when you’re on the road. The supplement does a good job of curbing your appetite so you don’t really feel hungry.

Q: How fast did you start seeing results?

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Amanda: The changes in my appetite I felt within a few hours, but I’d say it was about 5 days before I started seeing changes to my body and it only escalated from there. My friends all started asking me what diet I was on. At first I kept it to myself, but after I had a head start I told them all about PureFit Keto and it worked for them too. Losing weight was never this easy (laughs). The only downside was my clothes started getting loose and I ended up having to purchase an entire new wardrobe.

Q: What gave you the idea to give this specific product a try?

Amanda: It’s really random, but one of my guilty pleasures is reading the tabloids and I saw that one of my favorite celebrities, Melissa McCarthy, lost a lot of weight in a few weeks while preparing for a movie role. I did some more digging and came across an interview where she discussed her struggles with obesity and how PureFit Keto was the only product that worked for her. The interview was so emotional that her publicist actually paid someone off to make sure it never aired!

Q: That’s fantastic! So is there anything else you would tell someone that wants to lose weight?

Amanda: I’d say hurry up and try PureFit Keto! I know I wish I had started sooner. You only have to take one pill a day and all of the ingredients are natural so there’s nothing to worry about. You can even keep taking it after you’ve slimmed down to help stay in shape.

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Amanda has even spread the word about PureFit Keto to friends and family!

How Does This Skinny Pill Help Lose Weight Without Diet or Exercise?

PureFit Keto‘s special weight loss components assist the body with blocking excess production of fat, along with boosting your metabolism to burn the existing fat on your body. This is why there is no lifestyle change necessary – PureFit Keto prompts the body to do this, even while resting.

PureFit Keto formula has been scientifically proven to:

  • Burn Annoying Fat Around the Stomach
  • Increase Energy and Strength
  • Boost Your Metabolism by 90%
  • Deliver Nutrients to Your Muscles at a Faster Rate, Stimulating Weight Loss
  • Enhance Production of Leptins by 130% to decrease your appetite

It’s not just Amanda Haughman who has seen amazing weight loss with PureFit Keto!

Some of your favorite faces in Hollywood have been secretly using PureFit Keto for years to lose weight and stay in their best shape, but they let the public believe that their perfect figures come from diet and exercise alone! So it’s no surprise that most regular people struggling with their weight have never heard of it.

With that said, recent endorsements from some big-name celebs have brought the product out into the open!

Everything You Should Know About The Amanda Haughman Weight Loss Supplements…

After hearing multiple stories about this weight loss supplement and its dramatic results, we asked our research team to take a deeper look into these Amanda Haughman weight loss pills.

In only one day, the special ingredients of this ‘skinny pill’ were discovered. Luckily, once we learned more info about this product, we located a client specialist from the company who distributes them. Since the company just got started and wanted to take advantage of some publicity, they offered 250 free trials for us to share with our readers!

So without further ado, what is this weight loss product even called? PureFit Keto is the dietary supplement Amanda took to drop sizes. We found some information about these pills on the internet, but we were curious to see if and how they worked for real.

Of course, I offered to try this supplement myself. With my nonstop schedule filled with work, family, and other responsibilities, I don’t have a lot of time to get to the gym or worry about following a diet. I was in decent shape when I was young, but over the years I’ve ended up gaining almost 30 pounds. Why not give the supplement a try and see for myself if they helped me lose the extra weight, especially with all of the reports of Hollywood celebrities turning to the new fad!

Celebrities like Miranda Lambert and Melissa McCarthy both admit to using PureFit Keto to lose weight fast for appearances!

I wasn’t nervous at all to use PureFit Keto because our research department found that the supplement’s manufacturer is highly ranked and they only use all-natural ingredients with the purest and highest concentration of the proprietary Garcinia Cambogia weight loss formula.

The first step I took to obtain the diet supplement was the link for the Free Trial. I only had to pay $5 for shipping, and the supplement arrived in a few days.

Everyone at work was so curious to see my results from PureFit Keto and .

I was pretty excited to try PureFit Keto and right when they arrived. These supplements have the purest concentration of Garcinia, with no reported side effects. These had to work great, right? I tracked my results below:

For a month, as instructed, I took one PureFit Keto pill in the morning with breakfast and then one pill before going to bed.



After a week of using PureFit Keto, I was surprised at how fast the results were. I had a good amount of energy and I didn’t feel hungry all day like I usually do. I felt great and the best part was that I wasn’t dieting or following an exercise plan.

On the last day of the week, I got on the scale. I was shocked to see that I lost five pounds!

Regardless of the weight loss, I was still skeptical about the supplement. I know when you start taking diet supplements they flush out the water weight from your system, so I figured that may have been those 5 pounds.


After two weeks of taking PureFit Keto, I still had so much energy, I couldn’t believe it! I jumped on my scale, looked down in excitement and saw that I lost an additional 7 pounds! This is when I remember telling myself, “Wow, this fat burner is the real deal.”




After 21 days all my doubts disappeared and I was so thankful for giving this miracle pill a chance! I had lost another 6 pounds, and felt great. My condo was spotless because my high energy levels helped me clean for hours (and I’m usually messy). The PureFit Keto pills were so effective, my energy level stayed consistent throughout the day – no crashing!


After a full month of taking PureFit Keto, the results were unbelievable. I was down 25 pounds in total! And the best part was that I lost the weight without exercising or stressing about dieting or monitoring my food. All of my colleagues were jealous that they didn’t volunteer to be the test subject!


Our Advice: PureFit Keto is the Best and Most Affordable Weight Loss Program on the Market!

It’s time to give yourself the star treatment.

Even though PureFit Keto is selling out everywhere, we used our connections to get a special offer for our readers! PureFit Keto is offering risk-free trials, but only for a limited time!

And you don’t even need to rush to the store! You can order right from any of the links on this page or by clicking the product below.

However, our readers have been asking for a promotion like this for while so we can’t guarantee the risk-free trials will be available much longer, so be sure to take advantage of this offer while it lasts!





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