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50 Healthy Snacks To Eat Instead Of Junk Food

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It’s safe to assume that most of us have a sweet tooth, right? Almost everyone loves to have something sweet every now and then…or all the time, honestly. If sweet isn’t your thing, you probably opt for savory snacks. The majority of us go straight to the junk food aisle to satisfy our cravings, but that’s not the wisest decision. Junk food is loaded with excess sugar and fat that comes with a whole host of problems. Excess sugar and fat consumption can lead to health issues like diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Excess sugar can absolutely destroy your teeth. Oh, yeah, and excess sugar and fat can completely derail your weight loss journey!

So how can you satisfy your sweet tooth without grabbing a chocolate bar or some high-fat chips? It turns out, there are tons of healthy snacks that can easily be swapped out for candy, chips, and other junk food. In fact, certain snacks will give you just enough of that sweet or savory flavor to satisfy you while also providing actual health benefits! Any of these fifty healthy snacks will totally stand-in for your favorite piece of candy and you won’t have to worry about any of the excess sugar!

50 Healthy Snacks To Swap Out Junk Food For

  1. Chia pudding
  2. Cranberry dark chocolate bark
  3. Homemade sugar-free banana ice cream
  4. Pumpkin pie dip
  5. Homemade dark chocolate chip granola bars
  6. Green tea popsicles
  7. Spicy trail mix
  8. Watermelon sashimi
  9. String cheese with sliced pear
  10. Coconut carob bars
  11. Turkey jerky with raisins
  12. Dragon fruit smoothie
  13. Garlic and dill sunflower dip
  14. Cottage cheese with honey and almonds
  15. Golden milk bites
  16. Jicama sticks with guacamole
  17. Homemade ranch dip with carrots
  18. Banana mocha smoothie
  19. Popcorn with garlic
  20. Fruit salad with citrus mint dressing
  21. Avocado chocolate mousse
  22. Almond butter crackers
  23. Tropical green smoothie
  24. Roasted chickpeas dusted with cinnamon
  25. Frozen blueberries
  26. Dark chocolate-covered banana pops
  27. Peanut butter and apple slices
  28. Baked kale chips
  29. Edamame with sea salt
  30. Dates and pistachios
  31. Peach and honey popsicles
  32. White beans and olive tapenade
  33. Protein cookie dough
  34. Almond joy protein balls
  35. Crispy sweet potato fries
  36. Chocolate milk
  37.  Green goddess hummus
  38. Egg on whole-grain toast
  39. Split banana with raspberries
  40. Vegetarian black bean taco cups
  41. Chunky homemade granola
  42. Baby carrots with everything hummus
  43. Homemade energy bars
  44. Shrimp and cocktail sauce
  45. Sliced tomato with feta and olive oil
  46. Carrot cake oatmeal cookies
  47. Greek yogurt with nuts and berries
  48. Dark chocolate banana bread bars
  49. Homemade trail mix
  50. Frozen rasperries

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