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5 Things That Are Making Your Anxiety Worse

5 Things That Are Making Your Anxiety Worse
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Anxiety is something that we all suffer with from time to time, but some people struggle with chronic anxiety that can be debilitating. Whether it be work, school, or family life that is sending your anxiety into overdrive, the condition can really put a damper on your well-being. You may find yourself trying all different things to decrease your anxiety and ease your mind, like yoga or aromatherapy. While there are many things that can alleviate anxiety, there are also things out there that will undoubtedly make it worse. Learn five things that are making your anxiety worse (so you know to avoid them!)

1. Drinking Caffeine

A lot of us lean on our morning cup of coffee to get our day started. We just don’t feel alive without it! With that said, people struggling with anxiety should take it easy when it comes to caffeinated drinks. Caffeine kickstarts your nervous system and will only increase your anxiety. Try limiting yourself to just one cup a day. Any more than that will only make you more anxious, jittery, and stressed.

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2. Oversleeping

You may feel like getting more rest will help calm your anxiety, but it actually makes things worse. Oversleeping has physical implcations, like making you feel fatigued and sluggish. It can also have negative implications on your daily life that only add to your stress level. For example, you don’t want to be late for work because you overslept. Something like this is sure to amp up your anxiety! Aim for an optimal 7 to 8 hours of sleep to avoid adding to your anxiety.

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3. Drinking Alcohol

Too many people look to alcohol as a remedy for anxiety. After all, alcohol can help you escape the things in your life that are troubling you and making you stressed. It’s important to remember that the escape alcohol provides is only temporary. As soon as you sober up, all the same problems are there and your anxiety returns. It’s also important to note that alcohol can lead to bad decisions, which definitely won’t help with your anxiety.

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4. Arguing

This one should be common sense, honestly. Arguing with people is not doing you any favors when it comes to anxiety. Getting worked up and emotional is only going to make your anxiety worse. While it may feel impossible, you need to avoid situations that can cause you to lash out at others. You don’t want to stress yourself out more or ruin your personal relationships because you let your emotions get the best of you.

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5. Smoking Cigarettes

Odds are you know someone who uses smoking as a coping mechanism, right? People all over the world who are addicted to nicotine cite the calming effect that cigarettes have as a main reason they keep smoking them. While the oral fixation that cigarettes indulge may feel satisfying and give the illusion of tranquility, you’re only hurting yourself. By now you should be familiar with how harmful cigarettes are for your body. When you remember that you’re destroying your heart, lungs, and skin, your anxiety is sure to go through the roof. For that reason, put the cigarette down!

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