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3 Things You Can Do To Lower Your Genetic Risk Of Alzheimer’s

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One of the most heinous medical conditions that exists is Alzheimer’s disease. Alzheimer’s attacks the mind, erasing a person’s memories and reducing them to the mentality of a small child. Every year, millions of older individuals are diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease and millions of younger individuals find out that they have a genetic risk of developing the disease as they age.

While there is no cure and no foolproof way to prevent Alzheimer’s, a recent study by Rush University Medical Center in Chicago found that there are certain lifestyle changes you can make to decrease your odds of developing the disease. While these changes can help anyone lower their chances of developing Alzheimer’s, making these changes is especially important for people who already have a genetic risk for developing the disease. Find out what these three lifestyle changes are below:

1. Exercise Often

This study found that getting a moderate amount of exercise can help reduce the likelihood of developing Alzheimer’s disease, even in those who are genetically pre-disposed to it. What exactly is a “moderate amount?” Physicians recommend getting at least 150 minutes of exercise each week. This can easily be broken up into 30 minutes of exercise for five days a week. The exercise doesn’t have to be overly vigorous. Activities like brisk walking, jogging, aerobics, or swimming can all get your heart rate up a moderate amount and work wonders for your overall health.

3 Things You Can Do To Lower Your Genetic Risk Of Alzheimer's

2. Follow A Low-Fat Diet

Research has found that diet is a major player when it comes to the development of Alzheimer’s disease. Individuals who eat unhealthy for most of their lives are far more likely to develop cognitive issues as they age (in addition to other health issues). People who follow low-fat diets have been shown to a have a significantly lower chance of developing Alzheimer’s disease. For people who already have a genetic risk of developing Alzheimer’s should follow a healthier diet by cutting out trans fats, excess cholesterol, and excess sugar.

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3. Drop Unhealthy Habits

Unhealthy habits like smoking and excessive drinking can wreak absolute havoc on your health. Smoking increases your risk of cancer and excessive alcohol consumption increases your risk of liver disease. It turns out, these nasty habits also increase your odds of developing Alzheimer’s disease. This is especially true if you are already genetically pre-disposed to Alzheimer’s. This is why it is so important for individuals with a genetic risk to drop habits like smoking and drinking. Quitting things like this immediately cuts down your chances of developing Alzheimer’s.

3 Things You Can Do To Lower Your Genetic Risk Of Alzheimer's

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