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3 Things You Can Do Every Day To Improve Your Memory

3 Things You Can Do Every Day To Improve Your Memory
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Memory loss is a serious issue that affects millions of people around the world. Nearly everyone’s memory begins to falter at a certain age, but for others it can begin to fail at an incredibly younger age. For most, these issues with recall start around 70, but for some people they begin experiencing issues with their memory as early as their 30’s. If you want to avoid memory loss, there are certain things that you can do to help strengthen your memory. Check out these three things you can do every day to improve your memory:

1. Make Mental Pictures

A very useful tool to improve your memory is learning to make mental pictures. Whether it be of a location or a set of information, creating an actual image in your mind will help you remember more details. Creating a mental picture is a simple task to learn with some practice. It involves engaging all of the senses – not just your vision. When you are trying to take a mental picture of certain information, make a mental note of everything that your senses are experiencing in that moment. Try to burn the image of the information into your brain. Take note of the sounds you are hearing while taking in this information. Notice anything you may be smelling or tasting while taking in the information. All of these will serve as aspects of the mental picture and they will help you to retain the information you were taking in at the time.

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2. “Store” Your Memories

One of the best ways to strengthen your memory is to use what’s been called “a memory palace.” Think of a memory palace almost as a storage center. It is helpful to choose the imagery of a familiar location as your memory palace. For example, you may make your childhood home your memory palace. In this figurative “palace,” you should “store” your memories. If you want to remember a certain recipe, for instance, you may store the details of that recipe in the kitchen. When you need to remember the ingredients, you can imagine the kitchen in your childhood home and envision yourself opening the fridge to take the ingredients out. This mental storing of memories helps make it easier to recall important information later on and strengthen your memory overall.

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3. Disconnect From Technology

While technology has been a remarkable tool for…well, pretty much everything, it hasn’t worked wonders for improving memory. In fact, some research suggests that technology can indirectly lead to premature memory loss. This is because too many people become reliant on technology to remember everything for them. Instead of remembering the date of an important meeting, you put it in your phone. Instead of remembering important phone numbers, you store the number under someone’s contact info and then never look at it again. Sure, this is all useful and time-efficient, but it weakens your memory. If you are looking to strengthen your recall skills, you’ll want to disconnect from technology to an extent. Don’t rely on it to keep track of everything for you, but instead challenge yourself to remember it on your own.

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